they are here

This piece of work is inspired by a disgusting man that i met on bus. I refer "they" as aliens. They are come to take over our planet, to make it into a filthy place. :/

Branding for EightLeggedStudio

EightLeggedStudio logo and namecards

Name cards for friends


Mascot Design for SBS Transit

Mascot Design not out in public yet. Still waiting. keep Fingercroxx hehe


Rejected Chef logo

The idea of the logo is using roman numerical "II" and both Rs to form the logo. He's the king of grill , hence the crown. But before i add colour, the logo already been rejected. :(
They came up with a new tag line.


Fortune within numbers

Since buying lottery is one of the most common way to wish for
fortune, therefore i use numbers to form the Chinese character "福".
Fortune are just within the numbers, if you got it right , you've got it! :D


River Cottage Promo Ad

Currently working on a print ad for River Cottage. This is my 1st version, final print will be slightly different from this. :)


Bernard & Joey

My wedding invitation and logo design for Bernard & Joey :)


MLC Logo

logo for a friend's production company. Main site not up yet, please visit http://www.mlc-productions.com.sg/blog